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Yellow Jackets

To kill a yellow jacket nest, you must first find it. The nests are often found in the ground, but can be in railroad ties or other landscaping materials. You will need to follow the yellow jackets back to their source. Walk slowly and quietly so you won't aggrevate the yellow jackets. They will come out and sting you if they feel threatened.

For protection from yellow jacket stings, have a can of Wasp Freeze in hand. This will instantly knock down and kill any aggressive yellow jackets that may be circling you or your family. It may be a good idea to have a second can around in case the first can runs out unexpectedly.

Once you've located the nest, mix some Cypermethrin in a bucket with water. Pour 2 to 4 gallons of this solution over the nest before sunrise. The yellow jackets will still be sleeping in the nest at this time. Wait a day and look for any further activity from the nest. If you still see yellow jackets flying to and from the nest, apply the Cypermethrin again.

If all is quiet, apply some DeltaDust in the nest's entrance. You can simply squeeze the bottle 3 to 4 times to squirt the dust into the nest's cavity. This dust will prevent any more yellow jackets from settling in the old nest.

Wasp Freeze

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